Almudena Bulani


The Bridal Assistant service is a complementary service to any Wedding Designer and Planner service, of which we offer in Almudena Bulani ®.

But do you know what a Bridal Assistant is?

The Bridal Assistant is a wedding assistant who, on the wedding day, is in charge of coordinating all the suppliers related to the bride and groom: image advice, styling, protocol and assistance in the event of any unforeseen event that affects the couple. Although it is a service most demanded by brides, this professional service is for both brides and grooms.

Therefore, the Bridal Assistant is a professional who has all the necessary tools to make the bride and groom feel more comfortable, making them live their wedding as an unforgettable experience, that they feel pampered and cared for at all times and that they remember forever that that day was perfect and unique.



Initial Stage:

 Meeting with the couple / bride or groom.

 Definition of styling.

 We elaborate the timing of tasks to organize.

 Advice and coordination before, during and after the Wedding.

 Elaboration of the timing and wedding book.

Middle Stage:

 Management of styling suppliers (makeup, hairdresser, wardrobe and accessories).

 Accompaniment to tests and appointments.

 Organization of other details: pre-wedding sessions, post-wedding sessions, details for courtship.

Final Stage:

 Coordination with the Wedding Planner in timings and schedules.

 Technical meetings with suppliers.

 Personalized assistance on the day of the event.

 Accompaniment in transfers of the couple, to the photo session and to the place of celebration.