Decoration for an autumn wedding

The Ana Belén and Jorge Wedding was a super elegant and romantic autumn wedding. From the beginning we were very clear that autumn would be the protagonist in the decoration, both indoors and outdoors. So this is an AUTUMN WEDDING in capital letters.

As you already know from another post that we shared with you recently (link here), their wedding was held in a Palace with a great story behind it. Linked to the Nasrid Kings, it later became the property of the Catholic Kings and later passed to the Wellington family. The perfect setting for a dreamy fall wedding.

So we tried to integrate the decoration into the palace’s own style, and we adjusted the classic color palette of an autumn wedding to the environment itself. Reddish, ocher, orange, bronze, dark green were the dominant tones, but we incorporated a light note incorporating white flowers, matching the bride’s bouquet.

The first area that we considered to decorate, was the cocktail area. A large garden area, divided into two areas. Upon arrival, we received the guests with a corner with heel protectors, since that area was a grass area.


Next, we located a large seating plan in the shape of a ring, covered with flowers and autumn leaves. A fall seating plan that eventually turned into an impromptu photocall for all the guests. Next to the seating plan, we placed some wooden sculptures, which were a gift from the couple’s friends. The result, a perfect seating plan for an autumn wedding.




The stationery of the seating plan coordinated with the same design chosen for the invitations. It stood out for its simple watercolor of autumn leaves in orange tones.


After the cocktail, the guests went to the inner hall of the Palace. We use the majestic rectangular hall and the adjoining gallery to set the tables. All the tables were round in format, with tablecloths of golden beige thread. We chose the golden Tiffany chairs with white cushion and complemented with Arabian style tableware to connect with the roots of the history of the environment.


Again, the stationery of the menu card, of the number of tables, even of the solidarity gift card chosen by the couple, a donation to an association, followed the same style marked by the invitations. Everything was combined creating a harmonious decoration.



In the great hall stood out its two large stone chimneys that presided over it on both sides. That is why, from the beginning, we decided to give it all the prominence and we decorated them with a great composition of flowers and candles. The result was spectacular. It brought a lot of warmth and they became two visual points of great importance.

To decorate them, at the top of both fireplaces we create a large flower garland in which we mix glass candle holders. Inside the fireplace, we incorporate some glass bases with candles, which we would later light to create a very cozy and romantic tablecloth, perfect for an autumn wedding.




The fireplaces fit in perfectly with the entire setting, and their fall wedding decor integrated with the centerpieces of the other tables in the dinner room.

The centerpieces of the guest tables had the same flowers as the rest of the decoration. As bases for the centers, we opted for some aged golden vases that fit super well with the environment and the rest of the furniture and tablecloth elements.




As always, the presidential table should be dressed in a special way. In this case, we create a very autumnal decoration with a cascade of leaves, following the color palette, combined with red and white roses. This waterfall reached to the ground, creating a very romantic and integrated effect. In the center of the table, we place glass candle holders.


Without a doubt, Ana Belén and Jorge’s wedding was a super romantic and elegant wedding. An autumn wedding, in which as we always do, we take care of all the details, from the moment we set the color palette, we specify the style and especially in its execution on the wedding day. As wedding designer and planners there is a great design work, and of course, we rely on the best suppliers to obtain a dream result.

In this project, it was essential to have Tere from Armiflor, who captured from the first moment the idea we had and helped us to materialize it brilliantly.

But without a doubt, the most important thing for us is to contribute to making the wedding that our couples have always dreamed of come true. Seeing their faces of happiness and surprise when discovering the wedding day, everything we have designed for them, is the best of rewards.


And you, do you dream of having an autumn wedding? We will be delighted to shape your dreams.

Cover Picture: Jess Photo

Article’s pictures: Almudena Bulani

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