Summer wedding in a garden: Ana Mª and Diego

A wedding in a garden is one of the types of summer weddings that our couples request the most. As wedding planners in Granada, we can affirm that some of the most wonderful Gardens to get married in summer are in our city.

Ana and Diego also dreamed of a summer wedding, and for them we designed a mid-day wedding in a garden. And yes, although most couples prefer the evening, they opted for a mid-day wedding, which turned out to be super personal and unique. With our Complete Wedding Organization Service, they were able to enjoy the preparations from start to finish.


Ana got dressed at the Hotel Granada Congress surrounded by her children, who undoubtedly were super protagonists, not only in the preparations, but also in the wedding celebration.

Azaustre Wedding Photography was in charge of all the pictures of the wedding.

For the occasion, Ana chose a classic and simple design, where her classic cuts and the choice of materials stood out. The design of Muanó Granada fit perfectly with her personality and the environment where the ceremony and lunch were later held.


Diego got dressed in the family home, surrounded by his closest family. For the wedding day, he chose a Cañizares Concept suit.


Ana complemented her look with a bouquet and headdress of Lindabambolina



As we said, in Granada we have really beautiful gardens to celebrate a summer wedding. The choice was not easy, but when we visited together Casa Real Del Soto de Roma, Ana and Diego, fall in love with the history of the space, with its impressive Garden and its majestic rooms (you can see an indoor wedding in this space in the following Ana and Jorge’s wedding).

For the ceremony, we chose the spectacular facade of the palace. The bride and groom wanted to get married in a bar, and on the facade, we set up the most beautiful bar for their informal and simple wedding.

At the door itself we set up a bar counter, with shelves full of vases with flowers and premium bottles of gin, a selection made by the groom. The floral decoration of the ceremony was commissioned to Floristeria Armiflor. 

During the ceremony we experienced super emotional and personal moments. Well, the ceremony of this summer wedding was personalized from beginning to end with the participation of family and friends.

After the celebration of the ceremony, the couple took the opportunity to carry out the photo session in the palace itself. Its gardens and its interiors were the perfect enclave for a very Romanesque photo session, which was also accompanied by her children.






After the ceremony, La Borraja Catering was in charge of offering a cocktail that, in addition to a great variety of past references, featured various gastronomic corners. A cheese table, a vegan corner, a ham cutter, were some of the corners chosen by the couple.



As Wedding Designer and Planners, organizing a summer wedding in a garden is a great challenge. It involves a great job at the design level and above all, to ensure that lunch is as pleasant as possible in the face of the high temperatures of noon.

To do this, we installed a forging tent, which was commissioned to Carpas Alandalus. A tent from which we suspend large lamps that we decorate with flowers, without a doubt, a very refreshing note.

For the assembly, we chose decorated wooden chairs, which we combined with round tables and Tuscan tables made of exposed wood. The round tables combined beige tablecloths and greenish tablecloths.

We take care of the staging of all the tables. For this, we carefully chose the kitchenware: golden glass charger plate with a golden detail that combined with a golden cutlery and carved glassware. The stationery, designed by a cousin of the bride, Ana Ropero, combined perfectly with the assembly.

To finish decorating the tables, we chose stone cups with flowers following the color palette: white, peach, pink and coral. For the long tables, garlands with intertwined flowers.


The floral decoration was again in charge of the Armiflor Florist, which was also in charge of providing the guest gifts: a small crass.


After lunch in the garden, the bride and groom opened the dance in one of the beautiful rooms inside the palace, being the finishing touch to this summer wedding.

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