The Christmas wedding: Sara and Juan Luis

Organizing a Christmas wedding was one of those dreams that we had to fulfill. We love winter weddings, in fact we have already published some on the blog (you can see them herehere). But we had not organized any Christmas wedding as wedding planners. Until one day Sara and Juan Luis came to our office.

Sara, until now had been in charge of organizing all the details, with great judgment and great pleasure. But she wanted to have the help of a wedding planner to coordinate the wedding day. In addition, there were some details also to organize such as decoration. So she hired our Wedding Designa and Coordination.

One of our most demanded services because it helps you to free yourself from all the stress of designing a wedding decoration and managing budgets and assemblies. In addition, on the day of the wedding, two of our wedding planners are in charge of coordinating all the details from start to finish.

And that’s how we got down to business with the Christmas Wedding of Sara and Juan Luis. An incredible couple, who trusted us from the first moment and with whom we worked side by side until the end. The result, a wedding so beautiful, that it has even been published in various media (Lucía se Casa,…). When you enjoy the photos in this publication, by our dear Alejandro Onieva, you will understand why.


Sara and Juan Luis’ preparations are really nice. Alejandro Onieva‘s photos clearly show it.

Juan Luis dressed in the family home. The groom chose Miguel Olmedo‘s suit and Hugo Boss’s suits.


Sara dressed in surrounded by her family, a family environment. For her wedding styling, she chose a dress by Rosa Clará, the Madona model from the Couture collection. She complement it with a tulle overskirt from the same firm. At the entrance to the banquet, she took it off to surprise her guests. She complemented her look with YSL Tribute shoes in nude color; earrings and headdress in old gold by Silvia Peinado; Yolanda Foristería bouquet. In charge of the make up, MM aesthetic and in charge of hairstyle a friend of the bride’s, Adel.

The result is a flawless look for a bride from a winter wedding, a Christmas wedding.



The wedding gown was Rosa Clara’s, and Sara personalized it with the wedding logo, which contained the couple’s initials.

The truth is that we love winter weddings, because they lend themselves to surprise with the bridal look. In this case, Sara did it, first with a dress with an overskirt, and then with a mermaid-cut dress.




The flower girls and the bearrings  wore tailored suits in red velvet. The girls in capes and flower headdresses were the perfect bridesmaids.


The religious ceremony was in the morning and was held in the Church of Láchar. We decorate the door with two large vertical green posts with Christmas flowers. The Church hallway was decorated with red carpet and centers along the hallway. Floristería Yolanda was in charge of all the decoration of the Church.

The result is an elegant and romantic decoration for a winter wedding, for a Christmas wedding.


Although the day threatens rain, it respected us both for the entrance of the groom and the bride. Sara arrived in a beautiful classic car, an Austin Princess, accompanied by her sister who was her “best man”.

The ceremony of this Christmas wedding was very emotional. From Sara’s entrance, through the ceremony, the exchange of rings and earnest money. In addition, the entire ceremony featured a soprano and piano duet. which undoubtedly contributed to creating a more romantic setting if possible.



But without a doubt, one of the most beautiful moments of this Christmas wedding was when Sara dedicated precious words to Juan Luis. Impossible to forget that moment next to the spectacular exit of the Church.



After the ceremony, the bride and groom left in their classic car to the celebration venue. Sara and Juan Luis’s Christmas wedding was celebrated in La Mamunia. An Arabic-style space with elegant rooms that fit super well into its winter wedding aesthetic.


The decoration of the dinner room was really impressive. Atrezzo Floristas was in charge of decorating both the dinner room and various corners of the cocktail. They perfectly executed the design that we had proposed with green centers with red, marsala and white flowers. A spectacular job that certainly fit this Christmas wedding.

The main table of this winter wedding had a beautiful back. It was a giant vegetable ring that followed the same decorative design as the rest of the wedding. And this backdrop, became an improvised photobooth for the bride and groom, which we then transferred to the party.




After lunch, all the guests went to the party area. In it, we prepare a cigar bar and a table of sweets.



Sara changed her hairstyle and her look to surprise the guests again. To the rhythm of Carlos Rivera’s “Que lo nuestro se quede nuestro” they inaugurated the dance, which was followed by the party animated by saxophonist Fabian Rivero. The finishing touch to a winter wedding, a very special Christmas wedding.

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