Almudena Bulani


The wedding day coordination service is designed for couples who have already started planning their wedding, but would like the help of a wedding planner to help them coordinate every little detail on the day itself.

The wedding planner will meet with you so you can explain the wedding’s current state of organisation. Together you can then establish which preparations are still needed, and draw up a list of tasks that need to be completed leading up to the wedding.

Following this meeting, you will be in monthly contact to monitor how the preparations are progressing. And with the information that you provide for the wedding planner, she can prepare the wedding book and the schedule for the day. On the day of the wedding, the planner will oversee every little detail and will coordinate all aspects of the wedding, from the beginning right through to the end, so you can enjoy your big day.



Initial Stage:

 Meeting with the couple.

 We look at the current state of organisation of the wedding.

 We establish which elements need to be organised and draw up a list of tasks.

 We contact all the suppliers.

 Draw up the schedule and prepare the wedding book.

Wedding Day Coordination:

 Supervise assembly and the hours leading up to the wedding.

 Supervise wedding day schedule.

 Provide full coordination on the day of the wedding.