Anabel and David’s wedding in Almeria: Preparations

Do you know all the possibilities of celebrating a wedding in Almería?

Today we bring you a wedding in Almería. This wedding will undoubtedly make you keep this Andalusian province in mind as a possible setting for your wedding celebration.

Anabel and David were married on May 12 in Cabo de Gata, a wedding in Almería. Organizing their wedding was very special, as are all the weddings that we organize in Almudena Bulani. But there was a different emotion in this one. Well, not every day the team organizes the wedding of our director’s sister. So imagine that we gave them our Wedding Planning Service.

The preparations for their wedding took place at the Hotel Doña Pakyta, a small, simple but charming hotel in San José. The blue, present in the rooms, evoked the sea, which surrounded that special day where the sun shone.

The couple dressed in independent rooms in the same hotel, surrounded by their family and friends. There were many beautiful details, cared for by the couple during a year of preparations. We helped them as wedding planners in Almeria to supervise every detail.

The groom, dressed by Sastrería González. He chose other very significant details, such as an antique silver watch with an engraved train. It was a gift from the father of the bride. And there are trains, which only happen once in a lifetime.

The bride, dressed by Pronovias. For the ceremony she wore the nuria model that was customized and adapted for her in Pronovias Granada. It was Dispensing with the sleeves and creating a large V neck with feathers on the back that left her back exposed. The feathers reached to the shoulders where they created a kind of feathered and jeweled shoulder pad.

Anabel complements her look with a custom-made headdress by Nicte Tocados, Swarovski earrings, Unisa shoes, a delicious Carolina Bouquet bouquet and spectacular styling (makeup and hairdressing) by Tonylo García.

After the ceremony and celebration, Anabel would wear her second dress, a design by Beatriz Beñalver who was also present during the preparations.

Eloy Muñoz Photography was in charge of photographing the great day, for their wedding in Almeria.









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