Since 2012 we have organized more than 100 weddings and about 50 social and corporate events.


It is the score that our couples have given us with their evaluations over the years.


Of commitment, dedication, professionalism and dedication.


Virginia and Alejandro2019
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Almudena was that guardian angel of our big day. She made the most beautiful dream we could dream about our big day come true.
Emilio and Juan Carlos2016
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I recommend their services a thousand times. Great professionalism and adaptability! A 10 without a doubt!
Inma and Dani2014
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Almudena Bulani made our dream of having exactly the wedding we wanted come true.
Sara and Juan Luis2019
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If you want your wedding to be perfect, count on Almudena Bulani
Cristina and Javier2016
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Almudena Bulani helped us organize our wedding in 45 days, and we can only say that it was a resounding success.
Ana and Nacho2018
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Attentive, delicate, detailed, innovative, up-to-date and a lover of her work. All these adjectives define Almudena Bulani


almudena Bulani

For us, every couple is unique and special, and we create a strong bond with the, from the very first day. That’s why it fills us with such joy to know we’ve made the wedding of your dreams come true with the utmost commitment and dedication.


As I started my wedding preparations I started to get overwhelmed and decided to seek help. I searched the Internet, reviews… and I decided to call Almudena. We made an appointment with her and at the same appointment we hired her services. With just a couple of conversations she already understands your ideas, tastes and style. She made us the most beautiful decorative proposal we could have ever imagined and from there we started to shape everything, church and restaurant decorations… It was the best choice. I only have words of thanks for her. She made everything completely perfect, she took care of every detail, and thanks to her we were able to enjoy our day at 100%, without having to worry about anything else. She was marking the times of everything and did not stop worrying about us, so we were happy and calm at all times. Not to mention the days before the wedding… I had to work until the day before and if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have made it to do everything. Thank you for always reassuring me, especially when I thought no one could do it. Only you with your sweetness and care managed that, despite all the nerves and stress of the previous days, I arrived to my special day completely calm, happy and sure that everything was going to be perfect. And so it was, with you by my hand it couldn’t go any other way. I would choose you again and again a thousand times. Thank you for everything, Almudena. A big hug, Sara.


Without a doubt it has been one of the best decisions! Professionalism and care in every detail.


Great professionalism, complete service, 100% involved. We got married on the December 27th, 2020, and everything went wonderfully thanks to the team of Almudena Bulani. We had to postpone the date from December 7th, 2020 to December 27th, 2020, and she was in charge of coordinating everything, unbeatable service. I recommend her services 100%, she is magnificent, she took away a great burden of organization and time, without having to worry about providers, contacts, setbacks —that always happen— and which she solves as soon as possible so that the big day is perfect.


The service provided was perfect in all aspects. They were very close and always one hundred percent available. They were of great help.


From the first moment we contacted Almudena we knew that our big day was going to be a success. Both her and her partner Lorena are great professionals, everything went perfect that day. And during the previous months we were very relaxed thanks to their work. 100% recommended.


She was the only one who knew how to put in order the thousand ideas that we had jumbled in our heads. She gave sense to everything, she organized something that was an absolute dream for me, she gave me total confidence from the first meeting we had with her and I think that if Almudena had not been there, it would not have been the same.
She puts love, care and dedication in every detail, she gives shape to things that sometimes you do not see, with that calmness that she transmits, she makes everything much easier.
A true professional, I would always choose her again.


The guardian angel, according to Catholic beliefs, is the angel to whom God gives the mission of protecting, guarding and guiding each person during his or her life on Earth. Well, Almudena was that guardian angel for our big day. She made the most beautiful dream we could have imagined about our wedding come true. Everything that depended on her and that was in her hands was perfect and wonderful. In our case we already knew her before, because of the great job she did also in Mª Ángeles and Enrique’s wedding. Without a doubt, when I thought I needed help from a professional in order to be able to finish organizing and detailing the wedding, I had no doubt that I wanted Almudena and her team to do it. She is all heart and passion with her work, you can tell when people are happy and love their job because they spread that happiness and enthusiasm quickly. I have no words to thank you for how good you made us feel and how comfortable we were in the whole process, from the first contact, to the meetings and the wedding day. Everything went great. You hit the nail on the head with every single detail we entrusted you with. Not even a month ago and you can’t imagine how many people congratulate us for the great organization and for how beautiful everything turned out. Thank you for taking so much care and enthusiasm for this special day for us. We didn’t doubt for a moment that we made a great team! I have told you several times and I will always tell you one more: you were and will be the guardian angel of our wedding. Without you it would not have been possible for everything to flow as smoothly as it did. For us it was a day full of unforgettable and unique moments. After thanking you and congratulating you again for your work, we just want to wish you that everything in your life goes great, both personally and professionally. We know that you will continue to grow strongly and will continue to spread smiles all over the world. You are a great professional and a much better person. We send you a big hug and hope to see you soon!


With Almudena Bulani I didn’t have to worry about anything. The day of the wedding I just had to enjoy the day, everything was perfect. Totally recommended.


Es auténticamente increíble. Hace que tu boda sea perfecta y totalmente personalizada, original y con ideas que hace que se convierta en excepcional.


Almudena and her team are spectacular people who made our dream come true. Very professional and very passionate about her work, I don’t think there is a better wedding planner than Almudena. I live in the UK and having a Bulgarian-Turkish-Pakistani wedding in Spain was already a challenge itself. But thanks to Almudena everything went perfect. She is there all the time making sure everything is in order and goes smoothly. She does much more than her profession, she puts her heart and soul into it and it shows. Truth be told, it’s hard for me to put it all into words and express how happy and grateful I am to Almudena and her team. A wedding without a wedding planner would not be possible, especially if you live abroad, but a wedding without Almudena would not be the same.
Thank you so much Almudena, Marina and the whole team for making a wedding that I never imagined would be as perfect as it was. Sorry if my words fall short to express my happiness and gratitude.
Eleonora and Samee.


I have no words to thank Almudena for how special she made our day, that day that is meant to enjoy and to forget about everything else, and she makes it possible, and always with that big smile that transmits peace. Thank you very much Almudena and team for making our day a reality, a day that will hardly be erased from our memories.
Thanks again, Monica & Anthony.


Almudena was very professional and organized in everything. From the venue selection to the catering, photographer, videographer, florist, etc. She offered a great variety of options and gave constructive feedback that made our lives so much easier during the wedding preparation. She had our complete trust. On the wedding day, she and her team were very well prepared, everything went smoothly and the venue was beautifully decorated, the guests really enjoyed themselves! We don’t think we could have done it without Almudena! Highly recommended.


From the beginning of the process, Almudena was professional, attentive, honest and creative. She worked with us via Skype (we are from England but had our wedding at a private venue in Spain) to discuss what we wanted for our wedding and she was very enthusiastic. She speaks English very well. Over the next few months, she presented us with brilliant ideas, was extremely responsive with email and transparent with costs. She thought of everything and even worked with local vendors of our choice that we have known for years for the catering. She organized the wedding day and made sure the food, drinks, DJ, chairs and tables, lights, flowers and decorations were perfect. We couldn’t have had such a beautiful day without her! Thank you Almudena!


100% recommended! Thanks to Almudena, who from the distance helped us with every detail so that we had an unforgettable day, always ready to make things easier for us, always close and caring. And thanks to Lorena as well for making it effective on the wedding day with her dedication and her smile. Undoubtedly, we would repeat a thousand times more, but in another type of event. Sergio and Mónica.


Having Almudena as your wedding planner was the best decision. To prepare a destination wedding could be really hard if you don’t have someone to rely on for all the details and planning away. She was not only very professional but also very helpful in giving us a great idea of how Spain and all the traditions work. They had excellent vendors working together and she did not offer anything that we didn’t think was the best! We have been more than satisfied with our beautiful wedding, everything turned out exactly as we imagined and beyond. We can’t thank her enough for being patient and polite, her planning skills far exceeded our expectations and helped us to feel very comfortable. That can be difficult when planning your wedding, which can be very stressful. We had a small intimate wedding, but all the little details were brought together perfectly. Once again, thank you!


Anything I say about Almudena will fall short of what she deserves. Without a doubt she was the best investment of the wedding. Without her our great day wouldn’t have been possible, and we wouldn’t change a single thing of everything that happened from when we decided to embark on this adventure with her. She is and will always be our fairy godmother; she knew how to capture our idea of the wedding from the very first day, we felt supported, relaxed, that someone was with us every step of the way, there wasn’t a single detail missing, after 10 months of meetings, calls, WhatsApps, emails, tests, ideas and countless other things, our dream came true thanks to her and her team, and people today still congratulate us because it really was spectacular. She makes the difficult easy, she’s got empathy, creativity, organisation, she’s methodical, it’s in her soul and we hold her in out heart, because she’s a true professional and above all a great person. We don’t have the words to thank you enough for what you did for us. Thank you for holding our hands on our unforgettable day.


We live abroad, and planning a wedding when you’re out of the country felt like a mammoth task. As soon as we met Almudena, everything went as smooth as silk, she prepared everything according to our tastes (and if something had to be changed, then it was changed), with a ton of options (depending on tastes and budget), there were things that even we hadn’t thought about (you can tell she’s an expert in this) and she would remind us when something needed booking, or paying for, or a decision needed to be made. She was fantastic. Even at times of pressure and stress, she was available to talk to and to calm the waters. On the day itself, as my husband and I said: “It’s been perfect because we have her, if we’d known that everything was going to turn out so well we’d have signed up a year ago with our eyes closed”. At the wedding, she and Marina (the other Marina) took care of everything, timings, guests, catering, and when I say everything, this included making sure I got to eat. My husband and I just had to enjoy the day, without a single worry, making it the happiest day of our lives. Thank you, Almudena, without you it wouldn’t have been even half as special as it was. Thank you!


Highly professional. For any wedding this is the perfect choice. I found out about the company from my sister’s wedding, from the fantastic comments and how everything turned out. In this case, my fiancé didn’t hesitate for a second and hired them on the spot, and it was the best decision. They make it so easy for you, they help you with everything and make the preparations really pleasant, which is a relief for any bride and groom. Also, they’re great professionals, but they’re also wonderful people, particularly Almudena, who is charming, wonderfully warm and the best investment we could have made. I recommend her to everyone who asks, because we were satisfied 100%.


Attentive, dedicated, focused on the details, innovative, modern and someone who loves her job.

All of that and many other adjectives beside describe Almudena and Dandelion Events. With them, you can sure that everything will be 100% fine because there are always small mishaps, just as we had, and thanks to these professionals everything turned out great, making it the best day of our lives.


We decided to hire Almudena from Dandelion because several couple had recommended her and had been delighted. She is also a very well known wedding planner in Granada and much loved, she knows all the suppliers and made things much easier. We didn’t have to worry about anything. Almudena found any service we needed within our budget and came up with ideas that we would never have thought of. On the day of the wedding, everything was perfectly organised and planned, the decoration was absolutely wonderful and Almudena stayed right until the end, helping guests at every turn and taking care of every little detail. A lot of relatives made sure to go and congratulate her themselves, and told us they’d never been to a wedding like it. I absolutely recommend her, as a professional and as a wonderful person.


When we started to plan the wedding, the first thing we decided was that, as we had so little time because of our work and our three children, we were going to hire the services of a wedding planner. We never imagined that this would lead us to getting to know Almudena and to share five months (yes, it all happened in just five months) that were simply wonderful. Right from the start, with two simple conversations, she perfectly understood our “essence” as a couple and knew how to guide us to what we wanted to do, giving us ideas, showing us new ones and improving on ours, always along the lines of the style we’d set out. And not just her, her whole team, who in the months leading up to it and on the day itself did everything to perfection, without us having to worry about anything more than to decide what we wanted and enjoy our wedding day.

As I told her, I never thought that I was going to have such a well-planned wedding and I will never forget, not just the day itself, but the five previous months of ideas, searches, emails, a few mishaps (there will always be some), all completely resolved, all topped off by a perfect afternoon and evening. If you think you need help to plan and organise your wedding (and it’s always needed, even if you don’t think it is), Almudena and Dandelion Events are the perfect option. You’ll never regret making the decision. Thank you Almudena, we love you lots and miss you.


“After a wedding in a province other than where one lives, which was the main reason we hired their services, I don’t think a wedding planner is essential. But it’s a big help, and if someone thinks it’s necessary, I would certainly recommend Dandelion Events.

The professionalism of Almudena and the way she responded to all my doubts almost immediately was excellent, and meant that I didn’t have to bother lots of people with them. She’s organised and efficient, and her personal approach was very good as well. We feel great about it overall.” Eva and Carlos


“Regarding Almudena and her team, I can simply say that it was the best money spent from the whole of the budget that we had for the wedding.

They helped me out all the way through the process and on Day B the work they put in was just incredible. We could stop worrying about everything and just focus on enjoying ourselves.

If I ever have the occasion to organise any other event I have no doubts that I will call on Dandelion Events again, because on top of all the amazing work they do, they provide a real sense of calm, much needed for these occasions. Recommended 100%!” Araceli and Sanjay


“One of the best decisions for our wedding, and not just because the bride says so, but because all the guests agreed with us. Almudena is someone who radiates confidence, very good taste, creative and with attention to detail, which on the day meant impeccable organisation and everything going as smooth as silk.

Her wedding planner team are really polite, lovely and happy to help everyone. WE’RE THRILLED and it really makes a difference.” Nat and Jaime


“Hiring Dandelion Events and particularly Almudena was the best decision we could have made in organising our wedding. We had a fairly clear idea of the kind of wedding that we wanted (in the Palacio de los Cordova, with lots of decoration, lots of little details and for it to be an unforgettable memory for use and our guests). And thanks to her, we were married on 19/08/2017, and it was just as we had imagined.

She guided us and advised for almost a year, responded to all of my worries and new ideas (some of which were crazy), finding a solution to problems as they arose and making sure the preparations for the wedding were as lovely as the wedding itself.

If I were to get married again I would choose her again without a doubt. So like so many others, we’d just like to thank Almudena for all the care and affection that she put into us and into our dream.” Carolina and Pedro


“(…). In organising a wedding from the UK, I needed someone who knew the area and the local suppliers well, but I also wanted to be involved in choosing suppliers and the design.

Almudena and I were in email contact with each other for several months and we met at the country house before the wedding to go over everything together, which really helped. She gave me good advice to help me decide on the best way to spend money when you don’t have a limitless budget. (…)

On the day of the wedding it was all more than I could have dreamed of. Everything went perfectly, from the flowers to the table settings, and the beautiful spot set up for the ceremony itself. I was actually really relaxed because they were there, letting me know that everything would be fine. Almudena made me feel relaxed and secure, and we had lots of fun together throughout the day. It was sad to say goodbye to Almudena the next day, and I miss getting her emails to plan our incredible day! What a fantastic wedding, which was all down to Dandelion Events! Thank you so much!” Bridie and Duncan


“Almudena and her team were incredible! We did all the preparations and on the day of the wedding there were no problems, they were very attentive to all our requests for the wedding and they made them happen perfectly on our special day.

Almudena is honest and friendly, and it was a pleasure to work with her. She’s very flexible and handled various issues really well: before the wedding, all our communication was by Skype and email, and we only met in person a few days before the wedding; our wedding took place on a very remote location and she somehow managed to get all the suppliers to arrive on time and in perfect order. I recommend her to any bride!” Julia and Diego


Almudena and the team at Dandelion Events far exceeded our expectations. We had a bilingual wedding, with guests from five continents and a range of activities before and after the wedding, which Dandelion Events organised for us. The team’s organisational abilities and the fantastic communication was incredible right from the start, as our wedding involved a great many hours of preparation and work.

On the day itself, having them there meant we were 100% relaxed at all times, as they dealt with the needs of the more than 150 guests we had. They took care of co-ordinating with the suppliers regarding times, schedules, and any incident that arose at the wedding for us or any guests in a very friendly, professional way.

More than a wedding planner, Almudena was a friend you could trust, meaning we could free our minds of any concerns, not worry about anything on our wedding day and have the luxury of something a lot of couples forget: to enjoy ourselves! We are thrilled with the service we received and would give an unreserved recommendation to any couple thinking of getting married in Granada or Andalusia.”


“There aren’t enough ways to describe how Almudena helped us prepare our wedding.

Her knowledge of the area is excellent, and she co-ordinated well with all the suppliers.

On the day of the wedding, she and her team were highly professional and always available, something that our guests appreciated in particular.

I felt that I didn’t need to worry about anything during the day, and it was perfect.” Angela and Miguel


“To talk about Dandelion Events, or its director Almudena, is to talk about one of the finest professionals I have ever met in the whole of my professional career, and believe me, I am very demanding of myself, and expect the same from others.

When you’re looking for someone to help you prepare the wedding of your dreams, you hope that they’ll listen to you, that what you had in your head for one of the most important days of your life will materialise, and that on that day all you have to do is enjoy yourself.

Dandelion Events far exceeded all these expectations. I’m sure we had the most wonderful wedding thanks to their absolute determination and dedication. Thank you so much Almudena, you will always be in our hearts.” Ana and David


“Almudena is a wonderful travel companion when it comes to planning a wedding. She calms your nerves and removes any pressure, and her warmth, friendliness and experience are a blessing at all times. We don’t live in Granada, and have a young daughter, so her service meant that throughout the year we didn’t have any stress or argue among ourselves about anything. And if you want a wedding that’s a little bit different without losing the essence of what your tastes are, and are nervous leading up to it, she knows how to capture that essence and make sure that everything comes together. Ours was a cocktail party type of wedding (something we were very clear about), and it all turned out great. Almudena is friendly, warm, lots of fun and won’t let you down. Thank you for everything.” Patricia

“Almudena and her team were a great help, from the preparations in advance right up to the day of the wedding. She gave us very good advice for all the decisions that need to made and managed to make all the preparations for the wedding much more relaxed. On the day itself, because she was there, we were able to enjoy ourselves as bride and groom so much more. Highly recommended.” Lorenzo


Almudena made the wedding that we wanted come true, exceeding our expectations.

We only had four months to do it in, and she put all her energy into making sure it happened, with lovely surprises for me and my fiancée”. Raúl


“There’s nothing negative to say about the quality of the service provided by Dandelion Events; I felt supported by Almudena at every moment, which was really important as we were organising the wedding from abroad.

And the joy and lovely attitude that Almudena brought to her work every day also helped me not to stress to much and even enjoy myself.

With them by my side on our wedding day I didn’t have to worry about anything. I trusted them completely and they showed just how much they enjoy their work and how well they do it. I can’t ’t recommend them highly enough!” Elena


“(…) Our experience with Almudena was very positive, and we would hire her again without a second’s thought. Our wedding was on 2 July at the Palacio de los Cordova, and we wanted there to be lots of surprises and little details. We started organising from Madrid, but there were lots of thing that were hard to bring about because of the distance, so we contacted Dandelion Events, who listened to what he had in mind and to our ideas, and they helped us make it all happen in the most wonderful way you could imagine.

Almudena is so professional, and takes care of everything before, during and after the wedding, looking for solutions to any mishaps that may occur. We had such a great time at our wedding knowing that Almudena was making sure that everything would go just as we’d planned it. Thank you so much for everything, and we’ll see you for the next event. Big kisses.” Susana


“After studying the options we chose Almudena from Dandelion Events as our wedding planner to help us organise our wedding in less than 45 days. And all we can say is that was a resounding success, as we and our guests were all so satisfied with her professionalism, know-how and friendliness.

The only downside is not being able to do it all again next week. Highly recommended!”


“I contacted Almudena on the recommendation of a friend to co-ordinate our wedding day, on 30 July, for both the religious ceremony and the reception afterwards, and I can state that her co-ordination was impeccable.

I’m particularly demanding and detail-focused, and (…) the result, not just because of my preparation but also because of the help that Almudena had given, and who was completely devoted to organising the day, was impeccable. I can recommend her because she’s incredibly professional, and having a wedding planner for your big day and for those who need help in the months leading up to it, is the best possible investment you can make.

With Almudena and her company, success is guaranteed, and this is coming from a bride who is very demanding. Don’t hesitate to contact her. Thank you Almudena. You will always be in our hearts. Kisses from Juan María and myself.”


“We were fortunate to have the services that Dandelion Events provide. Their professionalism can’t be beaten. We’d recommend them a thousand times over. Almudena in an amazing wedding planner. Absolutely fantastic!” Emilio

I’d recommend their services a thousand times over. So professional and adaptable! Ten out of ten, absolutely! Almudena’s there at all times for any request. She comes up with loads of ideas and alternatives to what you have in mind. It really was a pleasure having her with us.” Juan Carlos


“Feeling as though a professional is treating your wedding as though it was hers gives you the confidence and security that you need before and during the big day. I’m so grateful for the enthusiasm and good vibes from Dandelion Events at every turn.” Fátima

“The service and professionalism of Almudena and her team was amazing. They made the most important day of our lives run perfectly and turned it into the best day of our lives. Always there for you and ready for anything. In the preparation they helped us choose the suppliers for all the services.” Juan Jesús


“100% recommended, amazingly professional and such a great attitude. The wedding was fantastic. I can state that I’m a bride who enjoyed her wedding 100%, without any stress, because I knew that she was there, and that’s exactly what happened. Thanks a million girls.” Raquel

“If there’s such as thing as fairy godmothers, than ours was our wedding planner. We are so very grateful, so happy with the work of Dandelion Events to create the wedding of our dreams. Nothing was lacking and they took care of everything to make sure the day itself was perfect. They’re one of the best of not the very best at what they do. We made the right decision.” Jesús


“Letting Dandelion Events organise your wedding is the easiest decision of all the ones that need to be made to make it happen. You just have to meet Almudena to realise she’ll put every care and all her professionalism into every detail. Your wedding couldn’t be more “tailor-made”. An excellent professional and an even better person.” Lola

“Absolutely recommended. Almudena is a darling both as a planner and as a master of ceremonies. Even though we had only hired the wedding service, she even put us in contact with the photographers and the live music people. It was all perfect!”


“We are so grateful to have found and hired Almudena and the team at Dandelion to organise our wedding.

On top of the fact that their professional resources are excellent and that they make sure that everything turns out as one expects, if not better, we want to stress the wonderful human qualities we encountered in them.

I would and will count on them without any doubt to organise a wedding or any other kind of similar event. It’s an investment that is totally worth it and which we’d recommend 100% to be able to enjoy such an important day as it deserves to be enjoyed. Thank you, a thousand times thank you for everything!”


“I have nothing but praise for Almudena. She’s someone who gets personally involved in everything she does, and above all she is there to calm your nerves whenever it seems like something isn’t going to be how you expected it to be, she’s there finding solutions.

To anyone who thinks they don’t need this service, I would tell them that on the day of the wedding they will understand how important it is to have her there. My advice is, if you really want to enjoy each and every moment of your wedding, don’t hesitate in hiring Almudena. She’ll be there so you can enjoy with your loved ones without having to worry. Big kisses!”

Cristina and Jesus


“Elegimos a Dandelion Events para la coordinación de nuestra boda. Ese día, es un día de muchos nervios y lo único que quieres es que todo salga como lo has soñado y así fue, ellas estuvieron desde el momento uno, ayudándonos para que todo saliese de maravilla. Lo recomiendo 100%, porque dejar cosas tan importantes en manos de gente que te de plena confianza es un gran acierto”. Teresa


Thank you so much to Almudena for her amazing work at our wedding. We were delighted with her from the outset. As we live elsewhere, we spoke on Skype and communicated by email. She was always really quick to reply and answered all our questions. Even though we only met her face to face a week before the wedding, we felt safe leaving it up to her to organise and prepare our wedding. When we met her in person, Almudena was lovely and friendly. She showed us all the work she’d done and the preparations she’d made up to that point. She was really important for us, as she made sure that nothing went wrong on the day of the wedding. She was such a key figure in our situation because I’m Canadian and my husband is Spanish. She was able to speak to guests in English and Spanish, which made the wedding much less stressful for us. Again, thank you so much Almudena! We would recommend Almudena, particularly if you need someone who speaks both languages. Emma.


“Our wedding was so special and emotional. Thank you for your professionalism and how we were treated, and for the warmth and affection we received from Almudena Fernández and her team.

Congratulations, as it wouldn’t have been the same without Dandelion Events.

Thank you for everything! Big kiss.”


“Dandelion Events turned our dream of having exactly the wedding we wanted into reality. They listened, advised us and were there every step of the way, from requesting a quote through to the days following the wedding.

They’re professional, flexible, versatile and above all provide a personalised service. They tended to every tiny detail of the wedding (both in the religious ceremony and at the reception venue afterwards). It was a great move to hire them, because organising a wedding is no simple task, and having that help allowed us to enjoy each moment to the fullest without having to devote time to technical questions, which on the other hand they have a better understanding of than anyone because of all their experience in the sector. I have nothing but gratitude for Dandelion Events. We would recommend this company without hesitation, particularly our planner, Almudena.“


“We wanted a wedding in a country house, as simple as possible and personalised, where we would take care of everything that we could (…). However, we were able to see the great work that Dandelion Events do, especially Almudena, to whom we are tremendously grateful.

They treated us wonderfully on the day of the wedding, with a personal touch, organising everything, placing every little detail of the decorations that we had hand made. She was on top of every detail and despite the last-minute hiccups and problems that tend to arise in live events, we didn’t know about any of it, as they were there to sort it all out as it happened. We really were able to just concentrate on enjoying the wedding and nothing else, and not just us but our parents as well (…). We will be forever very grateful.”


“Nuestro matrimonio fue el día más maravilloso de nuestras vidas. No dudamos en confirmar que esto no hubiera sido posible sin Almudena. Me puse una cita con Almudena en Granada, y cuando la conocimos nos dio muy buena vibración, además se notaba que sabía de su trabajo. Debo decir que Almudena se ganó mi confianza día tras día, con su arduo trabajo y compromiso con nuestra boda. «



“Almudena, you are in my heart. I was so lucky to have found you. The day wouldn’t have been the same without you. I was so calm and confident because you were by my side, and I believe in and trust in you, your work and your heart. Because you put everything into it, as though it were for you. You are a darling and don’t ever change, because to know you is to love you. Hugs and kisses for your heart.”


“Our lovely and wonderful organiser was there for us every step of the way. Before the wedding, during the wedding (super important) and after the wedding, as there’s all the loose ends, the photos, video, etc. Her personal touch and her know-how in everything meant she was there for us, sometimes to support us, sometimes to guide us. We’re delighted we found a wedding planner like Dandelion Events. Many thanks.”


“Hello, we’re a couple who got married at the end of June 2013. We didn’t know where to start organising a wedding, and a couple recommended we hired an events planner. So we looked for some help and found Dandelion Events.

We can say with all certainty that it was the best money we spent, and they are meticulous in their attention to every detail, which means you don’t have to worry about a lot of things and you get a sense of complete confidence and involvement (as though it were their own wedding). So we actually saved money and were hugely satisfied with Dandelion Events, and Almudena in particular.

The wedding was beautiful, even better than we had imagined.

Thank you Almudena for everything!!!”


“Hello, my name is Verónica and I got married in August 2014. My experience with them was great. Yu always have the idea that your wedding will be lovely, but with them it turned out to be even lovelier. Everything was perfect, and when I say perfect, I really do mean it.

I’m delighted and would recommend them. They provide a very personal service and they’re just wonderful. Thank you so, so much for making it a dream come true!!