Decoration for a rural wedding in a farmhouse

Weddings with rural themes or in rural settings are one of our favorites. They allow us to do great design and decoration work. And the result is weddings with beautiful rural decorations. The style is casual and works super well especially in cocktail weddings, like this one.

Today we bring you the rural decoration of Tania and Fran’s wedding that we shared with you last week. You can see the post here.

A beautiful rural wedding where we did, as always, a bran down team. We highlight the floral decorations by Armiflor that you can appreciate with the pictures of Cristina Ruiz.

The previous study

As we told you before, Tania and Fran hired our service of Wedding PlanningAs wedding designer and planners, the first thing we always do is a technical visit. In this visit we analyze the technical needs such as: water intakes, electrical connection … And we also decided on the distribution of spaces that we will use in the celebration of the wedding.

At Tania and Fran’s wedding, we took these images on our technical visit. As you can see, we decided to use the large esplanade of land in front of the farmhouse for the celebration. The interior patio that is inside the farmhouse is intended for the celebration of the ceremony.

We show you the before and after images, because they show in a very graphic way the work we did for the rural decoration of this wedding. As you will see, there are images of the technical visit and the process of setting up tents and floors days before the wedding.

Day of technical visit


Some days prior the wedding

As you can see, the installation of dreams and a tensioned tent is already a great change for the space. These elements would be integrated with the rest of the decoration on the wedding day.

Wedding Day

For this rural wedding, we designed a decoration that incorporated elements from the farm itself (furniture, milk jugs, farm elements, baskets …) with other external elements such as flowers. We try to make a decoration as sustainable as possible, reusing elements from the farm and also reorganizing decorations throughout the day.

Chicken coop decoration

The farmhouse has a chicken coop. And from the beginning we wanted to incorporate it into the rural decoration of the wedding. To do this, we decorated the area and left the chickens in semi-freedom, so that they too could enjoy the party that had been organized.

For the rural decoration of this area, we use tillage tools and other decorations such as jars, oil cans, etc …


Tent decoration

The tent in the form of a tippi that we set up on the large esplanade of the farmhouse, we use to shade lunch. This tent was super well integrated into the environment and the rural wedding theme.

This rural wedding, as I told you, was made in a cocktail format, with which some support tables were located under the tent. The gastronomic corners were also located. On the central posts, two large vegetable rings hung.

Around the tent, we located several decorative corners. Like a large door with photos, a signature table, gift table, various rural-themed decorative still lifes, and even a rural photocall.





Decoration around the tent

Around the tent, there were different areas with buffets for the cocktail, as well as rustic table areas, informal corners to sit with bales of straw or even a corner with gifts for the guests.






Without a doubt, one of the corners that I liked the most, as you could see in the post of this wedding, was the corner of the photocall. A photocall with decoration for a rural wedding. Next to him, the bride designed a rural coat rack that we decorated with milk jugs with flowers.


Ceremony decoration

As we mentioned before, the inner courtyard of the farmhouse was the area chosen for the ceremony. In the decoration of the ceremony, we try to integrate the furniture with the decoration of the patio itself. For this, we included the white Tiffany chair, which stood out on the stone floor.

We decorate the chairs with olive trees from the farm itself, and in the disng we placed carafes with more olive corsages. We reserved some seats with personalized, bride-designed stationery, also country-style.



The patio of the house itself was really pretty. An Andalusian patio with tillage tools that the bride’s family prepared for the occasion. We, as wedding designer and planners, even advise them on the color of the plants, which as you can see stood out for the color pink fuchsia.



The ceremony table was an old sewing machine, which the bride’s aunt restored for the occasion. On the wedding day, we decorate it with flowers following the color palette.



We located an area for the wedding pages, a carpet with cushions so that they sit well near the bride and groom. We also decorate the old mill wheel with flower jars.


But without a doubt, if there was an element that stood out for the decoration, it was the exit of the ceremony. We decorated the door with two white milk jugs with flowers, and we created an arch of vegetation that climbed the top of the door. Ii was spectacular in the photos of the couple as you could see in the previous entry.


At the entrance of the ceremony, we set up an old dressing table where the guests could take their paipai and protectors for the heels.

And you, would you like to celebrate a rural wedding in your own home? We would love to help you mission your rural wedding, and above all, to make it come true.

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