Wedding in a Cortijo in Jaén: Tania and Fran

Are you one of those who dream of a wedding in a farmhouse? Well you can not miss this post with photos of Jess Photo.

The Story

Tania and Fran had the illusion of celebrating their wedding in a Cortijo. But not in any Cortijo, in the family farmhouse.

Tania had spent great moments in the farm that her family has in Alcalá la Real. Therefore, her dream was to be able to celebrate her wedding there and share her little oasis, its roots and its history.

So this is the story of a wedding that took place at home. In the bride and groom’s own house, a wedding in a farmhouse.

The Wedding Organization

Without a doubt, organizing a wedding in your house is not an easy task. Therefore, Tania and Fran were clear from the beginning that having the help of a Wedding Designer & Planner would be very useful. Also, they live in another province, so having a wedding planner in Jaén was very helpful. To do this, they hired our Wedding Planning Service. And from there, we start working.

The first thing we did was a technical visit to the space to see its possibilities and the technical aspects that we had to organize. Without a doubt, when organizing a wedding in your house, there are many additional aspects to manage that you do not have to worry about in a space prepared to organize weddings.

On our first technical visit, we saw the feasibility of celebrating the wedding there, of distributing the use of the celebration spaces, we decided on the area for the kitchen installation, the guest bathroom areas, etc. There are also many purely technical aspects that we had to supervise how to see the electrical power, the drinking water intakes, the installation of external toilets … And of course, plan B in case of bad weather!

So it was many months of working together with the couple, planning but also designing their wedding in the farmhouse, a totally rural wedding.

The wedding day preparations

Well, after many preparations, the day of Tania and Fran’s wedding arrived. Their wedding in their cortijo had arrived.

Fran prepared himself in a very cozy hotel in Alcalá la Real. Accompanied by family and friends.

Tania, however, chose to dress in her family home. Surrounded by her mother, sister, grandmother and friends. Undoubtedly, many beautiful moments were experienced in their preparations, as the photos of Jess Photo.



Tania took care of all the details for her rural wedding with great care. She ordered wedding rings hoops in the same olive design as her wedding invitations.

Her wedding dress was a fluffy design of Vanderwilde, that was definitely perfect for her. She combined her dress with heels in booty format in powder pink. The One Peluqueros was in charge of making a flattering updo with braid and natural flowers. Ana Estética was in charge of makeup.

The bridal bouquet was a design of Armiflor, they were in charge of Cortijo ‘s flower decoration.


The ceremony

After the preparations, the bride and groom moved to the family farmhouse for the ceremony and subsequent celebration.

The groom was the first to arrive accompanied by his mother. The guests were already waiting for him sitting in the patio of the house to experience this wedding in a cortijo in first person.

Tania arrived shortly afterwards accompanied by her mother to walk down the hall to the altar. A complete group of flower girls and bear boys accompanied her to the altar.


We organize the ceremony in the central courtyard of the farmhouse. The bride and groom were placed under a vine and sat together on a bench in the house. As an officiant table, an old restored sewing table that we decorate with house baskets with flowers.


The image of the patio was beautiful, like the whole wedding. A great job was done of integrating the farm’s own decorative elements (such as milk jugs, baskets, carafes …) with other elements such as flowers, etc. We will talk about decoration in more detail in another post.


At the ceremony, officiated by a family friend, it was very emotional. It included the participation of friends and family and some surprise that they prepared for the bride and groom, such as a first beer toast.



The exit of the ceremony, was one of those unforgettable moments, they left through the door of the farmhouse, decorated with milk jugs with flowers that covered the sides of the gate creating a garland. A job, again, by Armiflor.

After the departure, the bride and groom celebrated with two colored smoke flares, as the celebration began!

The celebration

The bride and groom took advantage of the incredible surroundings of the farmhouse to take their photos. The result, the beautiful photos Jess Photo took for them, both on the patio, in the surrounding fields, or in the photocall we created for their rural wedding.


After the photoshoot, the bride and groom joined the celebration. They opted for a cocktail wedding format, with various gastronomic corners. In charge of the Catering was Mirador Atalaya Real. Without a doubt, we love this format, many more informal and casual, which allows all guests to interact and enjoy the wedding with great intensity.

The wedding in a Cortijo of Tania and Fran lasted until the wee hours of the morning. They intensely enjoyed their wedding at their family home.

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