Interview with Alicia Herraiz

Reference of an elegant, natural and fresh bridal makeup.

I like brides who on their wedding day, go with their heads high, powerful and stomping

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Alicia Herraiz is the makeup artist that all Granada brides sigh for. She is a reference in the networks (@aliciaherraizm) and through them I learned about her work.

Her strength, her passion for her profession, her communication skills and her demanding professionalism attracted me to her.

One day, after seeing her work up close on my own girlfriends, we “devirtualized”; I had a coffee with soy, a Bitter Kas herself, and I was able to meet Alicia in person, Ali for her family. And I can say that in short distances it is even more authentic and beautiful (not only on the outside).

So today, I bring you closer to a woman who for me is … better discover it yourself at the end of this interview.

  • Alicia, explain us, for those who do not know you, who is Alicia Herraiz, professionally.

Alicia Herraiz is passionate about her work, she lives by and for her girlfriends. I specialize in bridal makeup and I have been living love and happiness up close for more than a decade. In addition, I studied the Teaching Diploma to later continue training as a Bachelor in Audiovisual Communication, I never stopped studying to be the best trained and positioned in the sector. I moved to Barcelona to complete my makeup studies specialized in brides and I worked in Madrid before establishing myself professionally in my land, Granada.

Pictures by Lovewanderers
  • How did you make the decision to close your YouTube channel to dedicate yourself professionally and exclusively to the world of social makeup?

I started on YouTube in 2009 almost without thinking about where I was going to go or what I could achieve. There my purpose was to share my knowledge with other users of the platform interested in the world of beauty like me. The growth was exponential, my channel exceeded 100,000 followers and I ran campaigns as beautiful and important as with the Ministry of Equality of Spain. In a way, I got over the negative aspects of being exposed on a platform where you were recognized on the street, aspects of your life were invented and you even received threats, that and seeing what the work of a YouTuber (now called Influencer) had become. ) where your personal life was given more importance than didactic aspects made me want to disappear from the most public part and dedicate myself to my profession and evolve in it until today.

Fashions come and go, style and elegance always remain.

Alicia Herraiz
  • How would you define your style, for those brides who don’t know you?

My style is very defined and marked and that is what I like about it, I have worked very hard to be recognized as a benchmark for elegant, natural and fresh bridal makeup. I like to use neutral tones (brown, champagne, copper …) and I do not base myself on makeup trends if I am not guided by what I understand is a bridal makeup and by the best that can suit her. My makeup is timeless. I like them to enjoy it in the photos and videos they have for their whole life and don’t say what I did to myself at that moment! Fashions come and go, style and elegance always remain.

  • What cannot be missing in an Alicia Herraiz bridal makeup?

For me the expression and strength of the look is fundamental, without a doubt, it is my strong point and that is why many brides want it to be part of their day “I want you to highlight my eyes!” (they usually tell me). Nor can you miss a good illuminator on the face to give a healthy and fresh look to the skin. I look for naturalness, I always beautify but I don’t mask.

  • Do you make the look design to all your brides?

As a general rule yes, for me it is the icing on the cake to make eye makeup look impressive. A good design of eyebrows, well-groomed and raised eyelashes can determine that the expression of the brides changes completely and thus in their day they are radiant and perfect.

  • What is the difference between the bridal makeup and the guest makeup you do for weddings?

Oh, this question would go a long way! Bridal makeup has a process and a job behind it for up to a year, my bridal service is very complete and each phase is an experience that strengthens the alliance between the two. Knowing her, knowing her preferences, even going as far as thinking like her, analyzing every detail of her wedding (dress, jewelry, colors that predominate in her look, time of the ceremony and a long, etc.) make me make her bridal makeup. Also in my Alicia Herraiz Weddings team I have an aesthetic professional to improve and perfect the skin for her day. My girlfriend’s skin is my canvas, therefore it has to be perfect!

And yet the guest make-up does not require all this process, on the day of the celebration we talk, I know her on the spot and I always ask how she would like to see, what the dress is like but it is a job on the spot, it does not require a time behind preparation .

  • I have recently seen that you have launched a new line of business, groom makeup. What reception has it had?

My life revolves around the female figure and at weddings the leading role is always played by the bride, but as an inveterate fighter that I am, I like to break down barriers and show that the groom is also important at a wedding.

So I decided to launch an exclusive service for them and I was certainly surprised by the reception! I did not know that my clients would like me so much, now I do the girlfriend interviews and without a doubt they stop me and say “And what are you going to do to the groom?” This seemed unthinkable but they are also flirtatious and want to look perfect for their big day.

  • How can we break down the social barrier that continues to judge men who wear makeup, even at special events like their wedding day?

Without a doubt with the information. There are men that the simple fact that someone tells them that they are going to make up make them nervous and the first word they evoke is NO. But from experience I also say that there are others who are concerned about aesthetic features such as dark circles, oilier skin, their eyebrows or other aspects that they would like to improve, and why will they say they do not? But here we are the professionals to provide solutions and adapt to your needs!

Pictures by Lovewanderers
  • One of the virtues of your work that I most admire is your empowerment approach through bridal makeup, can you explain a little more about your vision?

The truth is that without knowing it consciously, part of my way of being and thinking, I reflect in them. When I do the interviews I always tell them I do not like brides who go on their wedding day looking at the ground, shy or insecure, my brides are with their heads high, powerful and stomping. That way of being is very mine and I want their day to feel so powerful that nothing can shake them. I like that type of bride and for this I work a lot in the bridal service that I give to reach that point of connection.

I always surround myself with businesswomen who enrich me and add me to my work.

Alicia Herraiz
  • How is your experience as a business woman in the bridal sector in Granada?

If I had to define with one word it would be FREEDOM. I feel with the tools and energy to be able to do everything I propose, the beauty of being a businesswoman is that you fight for your dreams and where you want to be. I am lucky that there are wonderful professionals in Granada and with whom I can learn and create wonderful synergies. I always surround myself with businesswomen who enrich me and add me to my work.

  • You move on Social Networks like a fish in water, what are your tips to improve the presence of a brand on Social Networks?

The best advice you would give to think before you act. Social networks have a point of immediacy and spontaneity, but if you want to do a professional job with them, this does not work for you. Think about what you want to convey, what are your brand values, constantly improve and upload quality content, in this way you can create a good brand on social networks and be a benchmark in your sector.

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  • Little by little the end of the year is approaching, and in January you know that we will start with the New Year’s resolutions. What recommendations do you give your brides in order to prepare their skin and face for the wedding day?

It may sound cliché but for me what works best is to eat well, drink water, sports and reinforce all of this with aesthetic treatments at home and by professionals. In my team I have professionals at the aesthetic, dental level and advanced aesthetic treatments, it is important to leave yourself in good hands to have the best results.

For me, 2020 has been a year to love my work more and evolve towards a better service.

Alicia Herraiz
  • How has 2020 been for Alicia Herraiz? How have you lived it and what has it been like to work in these times of pandemic?

If I take stock I will say that it has been positive, obviously the flow of weddings has decreased due to the stoppage we suffered in the first half of the year, but I still have weddings and today they continue to reserve me for this 2020. Since the beginning of the pandemic I wanted to live in the present and I have fought a lot to maintain the illusion of those brides who were going to get married this year, the vast majority of suppliers think of years to come but the reality is that weddings are still celebrated today, these couples are also they deserve to have the magic that always surrounds these events. For me, 2020 has been a year to love my work more and evolve towards a better service.

  • How does 2021 look to you? Both at the level of the social makeup agenda and other projects.

The year 2021 on the agenda is presented as crazy, at this very moment without finishing the year 2020, more than fifty weddings are reserved, including days with up to three weddings. It really looks like a year without stopping but I always live my present and everything will be seen little by little. And as projects I continue to consolidate in the experiences and luxury services in Granada and give a greater value to the makeup service in a more exclusive way.

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Finally, Alicia, I would like to end with a quick test …

  • Zodiac sign: Gemini (I’m extreme)
  • Your color: Beige
  • The last book you have read: “La vida como camino.” I like to explore the field of psychology.
  • Your favorite movie: I’m not about movies, it’s hard for me to watch one, now I like all series!
  • A professional you admire: I admire any professional who achieves their goals.
  • Define your work with one word: Elegance
  • In an express makeup you can never miss: Mascara.
  • Finish the sentence: “Alicia Herraiz is… .. STRENGTH.

And that’s how Alicia Herraiz is, a woman sure of herself and her job. Her path is one of constant effort, dedication, perfectionism and infinite passion for her work.

Alicia is that mascara that you cannot miss on your big day; Alicia is elegance; Alicia is STRENGTH.

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